Astronomical Research Network 1996, to 2006

First lets try to thank the entire meteorite community for helping put this site together , the Meteoritical society , the Catalogue of meteorites, Meteorites A to Z for there helpful suggestions from all .  I hope anyone interested will take advantage of this site !

A little history the Astronomical Research Network was formed in 1989 . It began out of a need for the public to obtain Astronomical information easily . It began with the  ARN's First CD ROM  Voyager to the Planets the first ever produced any where in the world ! We did a series called Voyage to the Planets and then a series called Voyage to the stars totaling 14 CD's .  We developed imaging software for both PC's and Mac's .

In 1996 ARN became interested in meteorites.  I saw a need for material . The Catalogue of Meteorites was outdated by 10 years .
First I produced Space Rocks I in 1996 . This contained the first digital data base of meteorites in the world ! With the help of the meteoritcal  Society of which I am a member and referenced from The Catalogue of Meteorites our roots began . At that time there was nothing much for the public in digital format .

In 1997 at the suggestion of my friend Michael Blood I wrote ARN's History of Meteorites.  It was in a easy to use size and format . Since then others have produced similar products .  I sold this book all over the world and hope that they are used today .  It has been suggested I rewrite the book .  I will leave that up to younger folks now .

Space Rocks I , II , III in 1999 and now Space Rocks V 2004 by the Astronomical Research Network .
Now you see before you Space Rocks V the website version Free for all to use yet still copyrighted . 
In this version I plan to include much material such as ARN's History of Meteorites which will be able to
 be copied and pasted into users work files .
I asked only that I be remembered with credit to The Astronomical Research Network included in the work .

This website is just started I hope soon to have the Location portion finished .
Next a new claassified section with links to the History section and Locations section .
Over 5,000 man hours have already been put into this and many thousand more to go.

I put a call out for pictures to add to the site Please help .
I can not do it all by myself. If you find mistakes let me know. 
If you just don't like the site just never look again I can not please everyone . 

More to come Kenneth Regelman / Astronomical Research Network